Wild forest flower

Rough around the edges but a tender center

This is my wild forest flower
Short and slender with long flowing blonde hair
This is my wild forest flower
A loving heart that goes beyond what I can see
This is my wild forest flower

I want to hold my flower in my hands
Wondering why she holds back and refuses to stand
I water it every now and then to watch it grow
But it takes too long because it?s a little slow
So I wait patiently for the flower to begin to rise
Even though I can still hear the weeping willows cries

Firm and hard headed but with a loving touch
This is my wild forest flower
Always hiding and always scared like a little child
This is my wild forest flower
The only one im willing to be with anymore
This is my wild forest flower

A darkened hush rises in the sky above my flower
The roots slowly exposing themselves out of fear
Afore firebegins in the distance soon to consume it
The fire rages ready to consume the small thing in power
This little bittyflowerthat I love and hold so dear
but I laugh because I know how this fire got lit

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Sunniva . c:

11.06.2011 kl.14:43

Aw. :3


11.06.2011 kl.15:28

Sv: takk for kommentaren,god helg :p

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